Can I wear my Jewelry during the Shower? Solutions for Common Jewelry Myths

When you are a jewelry lover and are fond of wearing them, there are so many common myths around jewelry, which makes it even more difficult to buy and use it as you like. Today we are looking at 5 common myths about jewelry and the solution for them.

Myth 1: Don’t wear Jewelry in the Shower:

Wearing jewelry in the shower will ruin the jewelry, the gem’s shine and the metal will start tarnishing. Well, some of it can be true; however, wearing jewelry during the shower will not harm it. If you rub the soap, face wash, or shampoo directly on it then it will get some tarnishing, that also when you do it often. Otherwise wearing simple plain silver and gold jewelry or a plain wedding band during a shower is OK and it will not cause any damage to the jewelry.

Myth 2: The bigger the Diamond the higher it's worth:

That is again a very common myth that the bigger the diamond in size, the higher its price will be. The worth of diamonds depends upon its overall quality. The 4Cs, Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat are the aspects that determine the worth of a diamond. A tiny diamond with high-quality classifications, deep cuts, and clarity, a unique shine, and brilliance will be of more worth than a big diamond with low-quality features. Always determine the worth of the diamond by its quality certificate by authentic institutes.

Myth 3: Diamonds don’t break:

Although diamond is the hardest gemstone, it does not mean that it cannot be broken. By saying that diamonds don’t break what they actually mean is they are harder to break than other gemstones. It also means that diamonds cannot be scratched easily. They last longer than other gemstones, that’s why they say “Diamonds are forever”.  

Myth 4: Jewelry Value is equal to Metal and gemstone value:

When you buy a jewelry item and feel that you may have bought it over-priced. The common perception of jewelry value is that it is equal to the metal used and the gemstones in it. This is not true. The jewelry value consists of the value of the metal, gemstones, making, design, and effort. A beautiful and unique jewelry item is a creation of the artisan who works hard and crafts the idea into life. So the value of the art should be considered too.

Myth 5: Gold has 3 Colors; Yellow, White, and Pink:

Gold does not have 3 colors, its only original color is yellow. There are different colors made later by adding alloys of nickel, zinc, and other metals. The white gold is not white originally; the real yellow gold is mixed with either palladium or nickel and zinc to give you the shining grayish-white color. The Pink/rose gold is also a mixture of pure real gold, silver, and copper.

So these were some common myths about jewelry that we should bust by now. Don’t believe everything you are told.

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