How to Clean Gold Jewelry?

How to Clean 14K Gold Jewelry?

There are many easy and simple ways to clean luxurious and expensive jewelry. But most people damage their jewelry by using the wrong cleaning methods or products. If you want to know the right methods and tricks to clean your expensive gold jewelry, then you are in the right place. Keep on reading to find out how to clean your jewelry like a pro.

#1 Use a Dish Detergent:

The most useful and cheapest product to clean your 14k gold jewelry is a simple, easily affordable dish detergent. Here is how you use the washing detergent to clean your 14K gold jewelry.

Step 1: Take some warm water in a medium-sized bowl, not too hot, or it will damage the surface of the jewelry item. Use any dishwasher you have and pour just a little detergent into the water.

Step 2: Put the Jewellery inside the bowl and rest for about 15-20 minutes.

Step 3: Get a brand new baby toothbrush with soft bristles and carefully brush it thoroughly.

Step 4: After brushing carefully, wash the jewelry item with lukewarm water.

Step 5: in the end, either air-dry it, or you can use a towel or tissue paper to tap-dry it.

#2 Using Ammonia:

You can use ammonia to deep clean the jewelry but only occasionally; if you use ammonia to clean your jewelry too often, it will damage jewelry items and an empty wallet. Don’t use ammonia if your 14K gold jewelry contains platinum or pearls, which you should avoid at any cost. Here is how you use ammonia to clean your 14K gold jewelry.

Step 1: Take six parts of water in a bowl and then put one-part ammonia to create the mixture evenly.

Step 2: Dip the jewelry inside the mixture and let it rest for a minute; if kept longer than 1 minute, the gold will absorb ammonia and will lead to a disaster. After that, take it out and strain it thoroughly.

Step 3: Rinse it with water with extreme care. Cover the bigger holes of the drain to prevent any gems or pieces from falling out into the sink.

Step 4: Air-dry the jewelry after the process and store it in a box or a bag to prevent damage.

#3 Never Use Alcohol:

Alcohol tends to damage many things with its harmful components, and unfortunately, jewelry items are on the list. The alcohol can leave an additional layer over the jewelry item that can cause them to rust. There has been gossip about alcohol which removes the oily buildup from the surface of the jewelry item. But it’s scientifically proven that when jewelry is soaked or rinsed with alcohol, it does nothing but cause damage.

We hope this brief guide helped you understand how you can easily clean your 14K gold jewelry without damaging it. Other than that, if you too want the highest quality 14K gold jewelry items, visit and get it all at a reasonable price now!


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